About Me

Ok then, since some of you are clicking on this page.

I am an unapologetic socialist, supporting Jeremy Corbyn for leader of the Labour Party. Everyone, yes everyone, will be better off under a Corbyn-led Labour government.

I send #Tweets2Abstainers (50 or so to go now!)

I boycott Israel in practice whenever I shop because I have a conscience. Free Palestine.

I like metal but play Einaudi.

I like tea but drink coffee.

I like to dream but have nightmares (the like of which I hope you never know), courtesy of PTSD.

Heaven does not exist. If it did it would sound like the electric guitar and the saxophone, smell like freesias, taste like chocolate, hot buttered crumpets and tea, feel like falling into a endless stack of loose downy feathers, and look like Yorkshire.

I’ll attend Alton Towers when they make a ride like that.

It’s just a ride.

Hell does not exist. If it did it would have many versions, one of which would have IDS as head of the DWP and Gove head of Justice.

Bipolar, and occasionally not sorry, occasionally depressed to the point of catatonia.

Determined to outlive the Tory government we’ve had for the last few decades.


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